# Does Alternote support iCloud or Dropbox?

We’re delivering stable smooth experience to our users. That’s why we don’t want to defocus on support of different platforms. Alternote is created exclusively for Evernote.

# Is there an iOS version?

We do want to bring cluttered-free and elegant solution to iPhones and iPads as well. We’re already working on the companion app and planning to release it in Fall 2015.

# Any support for Markdown?

For now Alternote expands some of Markdown entities to rich text. We’re planning to support full Markdown syntax, including code snippets and tables, in version 2.0 (expected to release in September 2015).

# What about reminders, work chat and presentation mode?

We are not going to duplicate all of existing Evernote features, as we want to keep Alternote an elegant app for crafting texts. But we‘ll introduce some new ;-)

# Why my Evernote shortcuts are not available in Alternote?

Unfortunately Evernote doesn’t allow developers to access Shortcuts yet, so we implemented own starred notes. Evernote plans to grant the acccess in Autumn 2015 and we’ll be the first to support it.

# Can I use local Evernote notebooks?

Your local notebooks are not synced to Evernote cloud service. That’s why third-party applications cannot access them via public interface.

# Are shared notes and business notebooks supported?

Not yet, they will be really soon, in version 1.1 (approx. August 2015).

# Will Alternote speak my language?

Yes, we will work on localisations this Summer. If you’re willing to help, contact us via

# How do I empty trash?

Unfortunately, Evernote doesn’t allow third-party applications to permanently delete items from service. So you will need to open native Evernote client or web-version to empty the trash.

# How do I suggest a missing feature?

We’ll be glad to hear from you. Drop us a line at

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Last updated on 13th Aug 2015