# Fast and Convenient Editing

Text formatting controls are hidden and don’t bother you unless you need them. Select a piece of text and a handy formatting popup will appear.

Editing notes in note-takgin app for Mac

Of course there’s a bunch of shortcuts:

⌘B Bold ⌘I Italic ⌘U Underline
⇧⌘L Highlight ⇧⌘S Strikethrough ⇧⌘H Horizontal Line
⇧⌘1 Header 1 ⇧⌘2 Header 2 ⌘\ Clear Formatting
⇧⌘] Indent ⇧⌘[ Outdent ⌘K Insert Link
⇧⌘U Bulleted List ⇧⌘O Numbered List ⇧⌘T To-do List
⌘T Change Font ⇧⌘O Change Color

# Make it Comfortable for You

In Alternote you can choose from 6 built-in fonts, change font-size and line-height and even switch to Night Mode. To do that just click on A letter in the right upper corner. There are shortcuts Cmd+ and Cmd- for adjusting font size and Cmd+Shift+M to toggle Night Mode.

Adjust font-size and line-height, night mode in Alternote, Evernote, OneNote alternative

# Switch on spellchecker

To switch on spellchecker choose Edit → Spelling and Grammar → Check Spelling While Typing

# Distraction-Free Mode

Use Distraction-Free Mode to concentrate on what you’re writing. Just click the rightmost icon or use Cmd+Shift+D shortcut.

Distraction free mode in Alternote, Evernote alternative client

# Sharing a note

Once you’ve finished working on a text, share it with the world. Click share icon on the top right corner of the app. A public link will be copied to your clipboard. You can unshare it anytime you want.

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Last updated on 12th Aug 2015