Organize Your Notes

Alternote makes it easy and fun to deal with your notes. Here are some basic recipes of how to organize them.

# Create a Notebook

Notes are separated into notebooks. To create a notebook, click “New Notebook...” in sidebar. Also you can use File → New Notebook menu command or Cmd+Shift+N keyboard shortcut.

Create new notebook in Alternote

# Organize Notebooks into Stacks

To bring more clarity in your structure you can group notebooks into stacks. To do that, right-click a notebook and choose “Move to New Stack” option. You can drag notebooks between stacks, rename or remove stacks.

Create new stack in Alternote

You can sort notebooks by name, note count or with custom order — just drag them around!

# Star Notes

Alternote uses a very simple concept unlike Evernote shortucts. Just star a note — that’s it. You can click a little star icon near a note in note list, a bigger one in the right top corner of the app or just use Cmd+D shortcut. You can access starred notes list in the sidebar. Hit Cmd+9 to see them all.

# Move Notes around

You can drag notes from note list to any sidebar item: a notebook, starred notes list, a tag or trash.

Move notes in Alternote, Evernote alternative

Alternatively, you can select a bunch of notes, right-click them choose “Move to...” and a notebook to move to.

# Use Tags

Another way to organize your notes is to assign tags. In Alternote tags can be nested and have a color to differ one from each other.

Colored tags in Evernote

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Last updated on 13th Aug 2015