# Preferences Window

To open Alternote Preferences use Alternote → Preferences menu item or hit Cmd+,

Alternote Preferences

# Reduce animations

By default Alternote smoothly transitions when you move to a note, notebook or somewhere else. If you think that’s too much, turn it off using “Reduce animtaions” preference.

Turn this preference on and clicking a link will not bring your browser to front. While the preference is off you can use Cmd+click to open a link in background though.

# Expand Markdown-like syntax

Turning this preference will allow Alternote to expand some of Markdown entities into reach text.

#, ##, ### Headers of 1st, second and third levels
* list Bulleted list items
1. list Numbered list items
[] to-do To-do list items

Evernote client with Markdown support

By default Alternote will show a tiny popup with link details on hover. If you find that annoying, feel free to turn it off.

# Limit maximum content width

Sets a maximum width of approx. 10-12 words for comfortable reading.

# Other Settings

Some of Alternote settings are placed in their context in interface.

# Sidebar background

You can choose from 10 different backgrounds for sidebar. Just click your name in the left right corner and choose the one you like.

Alternote, Evernote alternative with custom sidebar background

# Notebooks, tags sort mode

Right click any notebook or tag to choose a way to sort them: alphabetically, by notes count or with custom sort order.

# Words or characters count

Click on words count on the right bottom corner to choose between words and characters count.

# Note list mode & sorting

You can change note list mode (full or compact) and notes sorting method.

Change notes sort

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Last updated on 13th Aug 2015