What is Alternote?

Alternote is the missing beautiful note-taking app for Evernote.

Evernote is an amazing service for taking notes, it has well-done infrastructure, apps for every mobile platform (even Pebble), a whole bunch of web-clippers, browser plugins, bookmarklets and more. With a huge user base of 100m, big community and a lot of power users, Evernote is the largest note-taking service provider in the world.

The problem Evernote’s facing is the complexity of their applications. This is caused by an enormous amount of useful features they have. But there’re a lot of people who are using just the basic functionality, they feel the applications cluttered.

Being a part of that target audience, somebody who actively uses Evernote but wants a simpler solution, we created Alternote. From the very first prototypes we focused on delivering an amazing user experience and simple, useable interface.

Alternote, alternative Evernote client

If you’re seeking for Evernote alternative, just try Alternote. No need to leave Evernote platform, use a lightweight frontend for amazing Evernote service.

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Last updated on 13th Aug 2015